[NFT Weekly] OpenSea Proxy Contract, Bitcoin DeGods, Claynosaurz & More!

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Mar 21, 2023

Translated by elcreto

Top NFT Floor Price


Market News

OpenSea Introduces Proxy Contract for Lower Gas Fees Link

  • OpenSea has introduced proxy contracts to cut gas costs for creators.
  • Creators can choose either standard or proxy contracts. Proxy contracts cover fewer offerings than standard contracts but allow creators to save up to 90% on gas fees.


Yuga Labs Debuts TwelveFold on generative.xyz - Link

  • Yuga Labs’ TwelveFold, a collection of its first Bitcoin ordinal inscriptions, is now available on Bitcoin NFT marketplace generative.xyz.
  • TwelveFold can be bought and sold from MetaMask with 0% marketplace fees.


Microsoft Tests Crypto Wallet in Edge Browser - Link

  • Microsoft is reportedly testing integration of Web3 wallets into its web browser, Edge.
  • Along with the support for crypto swap, transfer, and purchase, the wallet will be embedded in the web browser, making it unnecessary to install any extension.
  • This is viewed as an attempt to upgrade Edge. Microsoft has recently integrated ChatGPT into its Bing search engine.


Most Hyped


Bitcoin DeGods

  • FP: 0.55-0.65 BTC
  • It is a collection of the 535 burned DeGods coming back to life as ordinals.
  • DeGods ordinals can be purchased using an OTC spreadsheet available in the DeDAO Discord.
  • Currently, DeGods is the most traded collection among ordinals.


Claynosaurz - MagicEden

  • FP: 78 SOL (vs Mint Price: 10 SOL)
  • Claynosaurz topped the list of most traded NFTs in Magic Eden over a one-week period.
  • Claynosaurz is a collection of 3D animated dinosaur NFTs created by animators who have worked on Hollywood films, such as Minions, Jurassic Park, The Avengers, and Avatar 2.
  • While the NFTs lack utility, the general consensus is that they are both cute and of high quality.


On-chain Analysis

Week-on-Week Changes: Ethereum NFTs

  • Total volume of NFTs traded: 18.3% WoW
  • Total value of NFTs traded: 2.4% WoW

Top 10 Projects by 7D Trading Volume

7D Trading Volume by Segment (Based on Ethereum)

  • PFP (66.1%) has cemented its lead, leaving the second and third most traded sectors—utility (11.2%) and art (5.4%)—further behind.


7D Trading Volume by Blockchain

  • The dominance of Ethereum edged down 2.3%, shrinking from 78.0% to 75.7% over the past week.

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