[Xangle Insight] Huobi Exchange confirmed to be the largest holder of Tether (USDT ERC-20)

Jan 13, 2020

[Xangle Insight] Huobi Exchange confirmed to be the largest holder of Tether (USDT ERC-20)

TLDR: Tether’s token ownership structure shows that Huobi’s holdings exceed 13.7% (Huobi > Binance > Bittrex)

According to crypto disclosure platform Xangle, Huobi’s holdings of Tether (USDT) exceeded 13.7748% as of Jan 13, 2020. This makes Huobi the largest holder, more so than any other global crypto exchanges.

Data shows that Huobi owns 5 of the top 30 wallets containing the largest amounts of Tether. Binance had 4 wallets with 7.6254% total token share, followed by Bittrex (2.095%), Bitfinex (1.951%), (0.7766%), and Okex (0.4436%) each with 1 wallet.

Detailed numbers and holdings could change if wallets outside the top 30 are taken into account. Anyone can access Xangle’s on-chain data section to check out the detailed information on the top 30 accounts.

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