Gala Games Expanding Into Music Streaming Services

Feb 16, 2022
[Xangle Digest]
Written by Bonk


  • The GALA token had a 100% increase in price, followed by a collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Gala Music.
  • Gala introduced the Gold Membership and introduced another batch of Townstar Game Node sales. Also, they entered into a partnership with 888 The New World.
  • Total users on the Gala platform increased from 30,000 to 120,000 users since Q4 2021.

Gala Music Partnering With Snoop Dogg

Gala Games is a gaming platform where users govern the gaming ecosystem by voting and operating nodes. Their native token, GALA attracted much attention last year after its 700% growth, and again is gaining attention after its surge in price.

Recently, Gala Music has been introduced to the ecosystem. The launch took place simultaneously with Snoop Dogg’s new release B.O.D.R. Gala has collaborated with Snoop Dogg to release an NFT collection that contains 17 tracks from the album. Once collectors gather all 17 music NFTs, they are subject to VIP benefits like private concerts and invitations to Snoop Dogg’s LA mansion. Opportunities to earn merchandise like a Death Row chain are also included.



Multi-channel Marketing Efforts

In December last year, Gala introduced the Gala Gold membership. The Gala Gold membership offers sneak peeks, early playtest opportunities, free NFTs, and access to Gala Gold Discord Channels where members can make connections with a like-minded, devoted community. Gala also released another batch of Game Nodes for Townstars, allowing more users to benefit from the growing Play-to-Earn game. Moreover, they have partnered with 888 The New World, created by the NFT collector 888, to attract users outside the Gala ecosystem.

Gala Games is encouraging its loyal fans to create stronger bonds with the community to maximize engagement. As a result, total users on the Gala platform is showing a significant boost, while the GALA token is strengthening its position as the utility token of the ecosystem. Meanwhile, fans are still waiting for the release of Mirandus, an open-world metaverse that has been gathering hype in the crypto community. With a strong community and upcoming releases, Gala seems to be paving the way to becoming a household name in crypto gaming.

Gala Games is expanding its territory to other areas, including music. Though their expansion seems to be a leap to a totally irrelevant space, one can still count on their strong community to support their new venture. As the music NFT space is relatively new and unexplored, the Gala community might play a big role.


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