Klaytn, the blockchain platform from Korea’s #1 messenger company Kakao, outperforms Ethereum by 200% in terms of Network Freshness. - The formula for calculating network freshness is as follows : network freshness = number of new wallets / number of active wallets

Jan 08, 2020

An analysis showed that Klaytn has the highest level of network freshness, an indicator of the proportion of newly created wallets among active wallets in a given period. Klaytn can be said to have outperformed Ethereum by a staggering 200%, and some of the main causes are believed to be (1) differences in the pace of new user/wallet acquisition resulting from a later release of Klaytn’s mainnet, and (2) degree of effort to which Klaytn is trying to recruit and develop DApps for its ecosystem. 

According to Xangle, the crypto disclosure platform, Klaytn’s 7-Day Network Freshness Index was 68.46%, with 224,736 new wallets of 328,278 active wallets. Ethereum was second in line at 33.42%, with 608,188 new wallets of 1,820,013 active wallets. TTC and IOST’s Network Freshness Index underperformed significantly compared to Klaytn and Ethereum, at 4.98% (466/9,350) and 1.58% (258/16,313) respectively.

The Index is calculated based on active and new wallets on the mainnet, and not from the individual token ecosystems on top of each mainnet. Xangle participates as mainnet data validators to aggregate on-chain data, allowing for a more technical analysis & comparison. More mainnets will be supported over the coming months.

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