Xangle IR Management No. 2: How to Promote Your Project - Go Global.

Jan 22, 2021

In our previous article on IR Management, we introduced how projects can use Xangle Profiles to efficiently introduce themselves to investors and the general public. In this article, we will discuss how projects can overcome the language barrier, a problem most projects struggle with as they expand their businesses. We will also explain how Xangle can help with this.

In the beginning, blockchain/cryptocurrency projects set out on their businesses fascinated by the ‘borderless global network’ that the technology promised. (As did Xangle!)


However, running a project and conducting business presents significant obstacles to their goals. While globalization is indeed an advantage of the blockchain industry, for projects to go global entails the problem of language. For example, major token exchanges are spread throughout the world, including China, Korea, the U.S and other European nations. To approach these different exchanges and their users, projects need to understand the particular attributes of each market and reach out in the right languages.


There are several different ways of doing this but they are costly and inefficient for the investments required.

Hint: Xangle can support your various language needs at low cost!

A lot of projects cover different languages with these approaches.

1.     Projects build their communities in different markets and in various languages. For instance, some projects create separate Telegram channels in English, Chinese, Russian, or other target languages for different audiences around the world. The problem here is, each community requires a community manager fluent in the community language. Choosing the right CM and managing several communities can be a major hassle for projects.

2.     A more direct approach to foreign expansion is to set up an office in the target country or to hire someone with the right language skills and background. While this is the most sure-fire way, risks are also high. Foreign offices and employees demand high costs, remote work tends to be inefficient, and ROI may come out below expectations.

3.     Some agencies can connect projects with foreign channels and global media platforms – but finding the right ones that understand and mesh with your initiatives, let alone just connecting with them in the first place, creates a tremendous amount of stress.

With Xangle, projects can overcome the language barrier at a low cost. Right now, Xangle has more than enough resources available to support projects in different languages.

Supported Languages: English / Korean / Chinese / Japanese / Russian / French / Spanish / Indonesian

First off, the Xangle page is supported in 5 different languages.

Depending on a project’s needs, manual translation services are also provided in English and all the other languages we support. Since projects can communicate with the Xangle team in their favored language, the disclosure process is much easier and straightforward.

Let us take a look at ARPA for example. 


ARPA is a Chinese project who communicates with us at Xangle mostly in Chinese. These Chinese documents above were provided by the team for ARPA’s disclosure on December 01, 2020. After our team’s translation and verification, the English disclosure was published as you can see.


With just Xangle, projects can publish disclosures in 5 different languages, improve their search engine optimization (SEO), and get connected to different communities. Currently, Xangle manages Telegram channels in Korean, English, Russian and Indonesian. In the case of Japanese, Xangle has a separate Japanese account on Twitter, a platform widely used by Japanese crypto holders.

All the disclosures and research contents on Xangle are reviewed, translated, and sent out to all our Telegram channels. Projects simply need to create a disclosure on Xangle, and it is made public to users around the world.

Now, projects no longer need to wrestle with online translators and spend on unnecessary resources.

With Xangle, you can go global without ever having to leave your hometown. We put you in touch with the global markets that you need to make your business reach new heights!

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