Xangle IR Management No. 1: How to Promote Your Project - Whitepapers are not enough.

Jan 14, 2021

In our introduction to Investor Relations Management, we noted 6 problems that projects encounter with IR Management. In this first article, we will provide a brief overview on project promotion and how to effectively introduce your project with Xangle.

The first step to investor relations is introducing your project to the public, which is often done with your project’s whitepaper. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, also started with a whitepaper, in which he put his ideas into words. These days, whitepapers simply are not efficient in conveying your project’s core message and details.


Why can’t whitepapers do the job?

1.    First off, most people find whitepapers difficult to read. In most cases, they explain new ideas with industry jargon and terminology that readers find complicated and unfamiliar. Difficult terminology leads to misunderstanding the project and finding necessary information.

2.    Every project has their own different whitepaper. Since they are written in their own distinct templates and methods, it is difficult for investors to compare projects based on whitepapers. Therefore, ‘Standardization of Information’ is necessary.

3.    Whitepapers are written at a certain point in time, usually at the beginning of the business’s operations or after merely conceptualizing the project. Therefore, whitepapers do not provide a status quo. Investors need the latest information to soothe their concerns about issues existing in the moment.

4.    There are cases where sensitive information about a project is not explained in the whitepaper. A good deal of on-chain data also cannot be put into text on whitepapers. Additionally, whitepapers routinely leave out team member profiles and internal organizational structure which could significantly influence an investor’s decisions.

5.    Many projects try to cram all the details into a single whitepaper, ending up with long, dense reads. Most investors feel intimidated by whitepapers that resemble college-level texts rather than full profiles of a project they may invest in.

Xangle can help you overcome the problems presented by a whitepaper. Tachyon Protocol and Airbloc have included a link to their Xangle Profile on their websites. These projects know that Xangle will consolidate their projects’ key data and regular announcements in a way that investors can easily read in one place. Ultimately, diligent companies aim to reduce any friction between their team and the valued investors they need.



How can Xangle improve your crypto project’s IRM efficiency?

1.    Projects can choose how much detail to display from their whitepapers on their Xangle profile. Xangle profile pages deliver easily digestible summaries of a project’s business model, mission and vision, field of focus, competition, and more. 



2.    Xangle Profiles offer 63 different categories of information. The categories are broken down into Company Information, Industry & Business, Financials, and Token information. Projects can choose what to disclose from these categories depending on their current situation and how it may change over time. With such standardization of information, investors can conveniently receive project information.


3.    Projects can always update the 63 categories of information, providing investors and the public with the latest information. For example, the public information of founders, engineering teams, advisors and the overall organizational structure of a project’s company are included.

4.    Projects can themselves update token and financial information, which investors respond most actively towards. Projects can also choose to display the token economy of their crypto assets, or the how their cryptos are distributed throughout their ecosystem. Xangle then outlines price changes post-ICO and past token sales, along with shareholder and funding information.




5.    Investors can view all this information with a quick scroll on a Xangle Profile. Now you see the value Tachyon and Airbloc see in linking their Xangle Profile directly on their websites. Use Xangle as a reliable channel to communicate your project information and latest updates!


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