[Xangle Research] Crypto in Indonesia, Outlook 2020 Report

Sep 18, 2020

Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia (A-B-I) is the Indonesian government's partner association regarding regulations and development of the blockchain technology in the country. 

Representing 20+ top-class industry players that share the same vision, A-B-I strives to educate the public about the potential behind blockchain. A-B-I's presence helps voice the industry opinions, accelerating the adoption of the technology.  

With the COVID-19 situation yet to be under control in Indonesia, everything is remote and virtual: and A-B-I has decided to use this time to review the local crypto scene, and in doing so released a report titled <Indonesia Crypto Outlook Report>

The report is based on data from its partners Indodax (the top local exchange), Xangle (the trusted data provider and due diligence platform), and the Indonesia Crypto Network. 

We are glad to have been of service during our partner's research process, and this will definitely be the first of many regarding the local crypto scene. We would like to reiterate that our data is public for anyone to access and use, so please feel free to do your own research through Xangle. 

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