BTS Global Monthly Outcome - January

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Feb 06, 2024

BTS Global Monthly Outcome - January



Greetings BTS Global Community, we extend a warm welcome to the BTS Global Monthly outcome for January 2024.

As we embark on the promising landscape of 2024, our aspirations for BTS Global continue to reach new heights, building upon the successes of the preceding year. At the heart of our vision is a dedicated commitment to amplify our impact across APAC and the entire Web 3 ecosystem through community events and initiatives that will serve as catalysts for expansion, reaching far and wide across the globe. These events and initiatives will connect individuals with a shared passion for Web3 technology and create a community where ideas flow freely, partnerships thrive, and innovation flourishes.

In 2024, BTS Global is set to announce new initiatives, forging continued partnerships with projects and communities to foster growth. This strategic expansion builds upon the strong foundation laid by previous ventures such as the BTS Labs Network Assembly and the BRI Fund Phase I in 2023. These initiatives are rooted in innovation, and strategically designed to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 technology providing our community and partners with resources and tools needed for empowerment.

As we step into a new year, we welcome each member of the BTS Global community to join us in shaping the future of Web3 toward even greater heights. Cheers to a successful 2024! Now, let’s dive into some highlights from our valued partners in January.



● Aave proposes a strategy for integrating the GHO stablecoin, the native Aave Protocol asset, across multiple blockchain networks to enhance GHO liquidity, accessibility, and interoperability while maintaining security and stability.

● Aave’s community votes on onboarding PayPal’s stablecoin $PYUSD, following a similar move by decentralized exchange Curve in December.

● BNB Chain, Scroll, zkSync, zkEVM, and Celo are going to have Aave V3 markets during 2024, following approval by Aave DAO.


● The Sushiswap team has officially extended Sushi V2 and V3 across 30+ blockchains.

● Sushi has reintroduced Sushi Bar to allow users to stake SUSHI tokens and get xSUSHI and share 0.05% of the trading fees.


● Our friends at Galxe partner with Berachain to launch an official incentivized testnet campaign in the Galxe ecosystem.


● SPACE ID has officially announced SPACE ID Grant Program Season 4 with a total of $101,500 committed to the upcoming season.


● CyberConnect joins forces with Mint Blockchain a Layer 2 network for NFTs, to launch the NIP Proposer Season 1 Hackathon for innovative proposals that blend NFTs with social use cases.


● The RSS3 team unveils the design for RSS3 Mainnet, designed with a Data Sublayer (DSL) with thousands of nodes to join and a Value Sublayer(VSL) with Celestia.


● Our friends at ALTAVA have revealed ALTAVA Boutique an AI-powered virtual item creation platform designed to unite fashion designers.


● The ONBUFF team has introduced the 2024 Ragnarok pets lineup on the INNO market.


● GensoKishi has announced that UGC equipment created with GENSO MAKER will be integrated into Elemental Knights Online R, this allows UGC gear to appear on PC, smartphone gaming, PlayStation4, and Nintendo Switch.

Ariva Digital

● ArivaWonderland releases a new teaser with VR and AR functions that allow users to interact with virtual objects, explore historic artifacts in VR, and journey with ArivaMan.

Cross The Ages

● Cross The Ages has been nominated among 10 other projects in the TBWAwards24 for the Best Entertainment Project of the Year.

Lens Protocol

● Lens protocol is now working with B2B WORLD community with over 400 Web3 influencers to monetize Lens channels through sponsored partnerships with Web3 brands.


● The W3Gamez network token W3G is now live on the MEXC exchange. W3Gamez network is a Layer 2 blockchain designed for on-chain gaming by Web3Games based on OP stack with data availability on NEAR.

Astra Nova

● Astra Nova teases the launch of Black Pass, the digital ID platform of the Astra Nova ecosystem, Game Demo, and RVV token launch for 2024.


● Alterverse teases new developments to be launched in 2024 including the Metaservers to allow users to create games using the Altervers Web3 Game Creator.


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