How to Analysis LINK Token?

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Dec 29, 2023


How to Analysis LINK Token?


Data Source: Token Dashboard

Token analysis plays a pivotal role in the realm of cryptocurrency and digital assets. It is the process of delving deep into the data and market behaviors associated with these assets.

By scrutinizing tokens, we gain invaluable insights into market trends, risk factors, trading activities, and the direction of capital flows.

In the fast-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, Chainlink has emerged as a pivotal player, setting the industry standard for Web3 services. LINK, the native token of the Chainlink network, plays a central role in providing price oracle services.

How to Analyze LINK Token?

Token analysis is of paramount importance, and in this context, what are the key metrics to consider?

LINK token price per day for the last 30 days

Token price

The token price, denominated in both fiat currency and cryptocurrency, is a key metric in evaluating the health and potential of a digital asset. As of December, LINK’s price stands at $14.28, representing a modest increase from its value of $13.87 just one month ago.

In November, the token hit its monthly low of $13.87 on the 21st, but since then, it has displayed a steady upward trajectory, reaching its monthly high of $16.51 in early December before experiencing a slight retracement. Currently, it maintains stability around the $14 mark.

From a technical perspective, LINK finds itself positioned near the 50-day moving average support level. In the event of a rebound, there exists a notable technical potential for approximately a 20% upward movement.

Daily Token Trading Value in CEXs

Trading value

In late November through early December, Chainlink’s LINK token witnessed a notable surge in daily trading volume and transaction value. On December 7th, it reached its peak with a trading volume of 535 million and a transaction value of 8.2 billion USD. However, subsequent data revealed a sustained decline, indicating a cooling of market enthusiasm.

Token In & Out CEXs List (past 7d)

Net Flow in CEX

Recent sustained negative net flows indicate a significant withdrawal of tokens from exchanges, hinting at the growing long-term confidence of holders in the project.This trend reflects a preference among holders to maintain their positions rather than actively trading, underscoring the strong fundamentals of LINK.

Furthermore, the actions of large holders withdrawing tokens demonstrate their confidence in the project. Notably, a fresh wallet, “0x8eAD,” withdrew 247,860 $LINK ($3.5M) from #Binance over the past two days. This action may be indicative of a strategic move to stake tokens or participate in other moves.


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