Introduction to Endurance and Fusionist: Innovation and Adoption for Advanced Web3 Gaming

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Dec 13, 2023

Written by SungPil Huh (Head of Investment at Trinito) and Jiyon Kim (Associate at Trinito).

Introduction to Endurance and Fusionist: Innovation and Adoption for Advanced Web3 Gaming


Introduction to Endurance and its Connection to Fusionist

Endurance represents a pioneering endeavor in the realm of blockchain gaming, a technological marvel that forms the backbone of the much-anticipated game, Fusionist. While Fusionist captivates players with its immersive gameplay and intricate narrative, Endurance acts as the driving force behind the scenes, powering the game’s economy, transactions, and digital asset management through its robust blockchain infrastructure.

[Fusionist’s Mainnet: Endurance (Link)]
[Endurance Explorer (Link)]

The synergy between Fusionist and Endurance is a testament to the innovative possibilities at the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology. Fusionist, set in a distant, dystopian future, offers a compelling universe where players can explore, battle, and trade, while Endurance underpins this experience with a secure, scalable, and efficient blockchain network. This symbiotic relationship exemplifies how games can transcend traditional entertainment, offering players not only a rich storytelling experience but also a platform for genuine economic interaction and community engagement.

[Fusioninst Beta 2: Galactic Duel (Source: Fusionist Medium)]

Development and Technical Infrastructure of Endurance

Genesis and Evolution

The development of Endurance was sparked by the growing demand for a more integrated and sophisticated approach to blockchain gaming. Recognizing the limitations of existing platforms in handling complex in-game economies and asset management, Fusion Interactive embarked on developing a custom solution tailored to the game’s ambitious requirements. Endurance was thus born out of necessity and innovation, crafted to seamlessly blend the virtual gaming world with the real-world economy.

Key Technical Features

At its core, Endurance is built on a state-of-the-art blockchain architecture designed for high throughput, low latency, and enhanced security — essential features for a smooth and responsive gaming experience. This infrastructure supports real-time transactions, smart contract functionality, and a decentralized governance model, all critical for maintaining the game’s economy and player interactions.

Integration with Fusionist is a cornerstone of Endurance’s design. The platform not only facilitates in-game transactions and the trading of digital assets but also anchors the game’s unique features like dynamic asset generation and player-driven markets. This integration showcases how blockchain technology can extend beyond mere financial applications, becoming a fundamental component of modern digital entertainment.

Economic Model and Community Engagement

Tokenomics of ACE

At the heart of Endurance’s economic model is its native cryptocurrency, ACE. This token plays a multifaceted role within the ecosystem, serving as the primary medium for transactions, rewards, and governance. The tokenomics of ACE are meticulously designed to ensure a balanced and sustainable economy within Fusionist, encouraging both short-term engagement and long-term investment.

Players earn ACE through various in-game activities, including completing quests, winning battles, or trading assets. This not only incentivizes gameplay but also empowers players to have a stake in the game’s economy. The circulation of ACE is carefully regulated to maintain its value and utility, ensuring a stable and thriving market for players and investors alike.

Endurance ensures broad accessibility to ACE by incorporating it into various aspects of its ecosystem. Users can engage and earn ACE in various ways.

  • BOAT (Bound On-Chain Achievement Token) & Burn Mechanism:
    BOAT plays a crucial role in enhancing ACE utility and providing exclusive benefits to users. These non-tradable tokens can be purchased with ACE, offering special perks and increasing the potential for earning ACE.
    Regular burning of sales revenue from BOATs is implemented to control supply, underscoring the impact of user earnings through BOATs on ACE supply.
  • Utilization of NOVA Points and NFTs:
    NOVA points serve a key role in the Expedition system, allowing users to exchange them for ACE.
    Alpha Prestige NFTs contribute to Expeditions by offering Mech Team strength bonuses, expediting Expedition rates, and facilitating the acquisition of additional NOVA Points. The rarity of QP and BM NFTs influences Combat Power, introducing substantial variations based on their quality and attributes.
[Fusionist Gameplay: The Expedition 3.0 (Source: Fusionist Medium)]
  • NFT Ownership Encouragement & Ecosystem Expansion:
    Various events are designed to encourage the expansion of ACE holders and the ownership of NFTs. The Expedition system significantly expands the utility of Alpha Prestige, Quartan Primes, and Bi-Mech NFTs. This system enables NFT holders to start acquiring NOVA Points (which can be exchanged for ACE) ahead of others. This exclusive access enhances the value proposition for NFTs, driving further engagement and participation in the Endurance ecosystem.
    According to the recent data provided by the team, the total participants were approximately 22k, the peak Daily Active Users (DAU) reached 15k, and the retention was recorded at around 75% on Day 1 and approximately 50% on Day 7. These figures indicate substantial success in user engagement and retention.
[Expedition 3.0 Stats (Source: Fusionist)]

Community Building and Governance

Community engagement is a cornerstone of Endurance’s philosophy. The platform fosters a strong sense of community among Fusionist players, encouraging them to participate not just in the game, but also in the governance of the ecosystem. Through decentralized governance mechanisms, players can vote on key decisions, such as game updates, token distribution, and new feature implementations.

This participatory model has cultivated a dedicated and active community around Endurance and Fusionist. Players are not merely consumers of content; they are active contributors and stakeholders in the game’s development and success. This approach has led to a vibrant community that is deeply invested in the platform’s future.

While social media clout alone might not predict a project’s probability of success, it is one of the most important factors, especially for retail-facing crypto application projects such as gaming. The following comparison of Fusionist/Endurance’s social media accounts with other major projects in the industry illustrates the significant attention and engagement the platform has garnered. This engagement is indicative of the effective strategies employed by the Fusionist/Endurance team, which includes seasoned professionals from gaming giants such as Tencent Games, Electronic Arts, and Moonton Games. Their understanding of the importance of retail support has evidently been a priority in their business operations and community-building efforts.

As of December 11th, 2023, here is how Fusionist/Endurance stacks up in social media presence compared to other notable projects:

[Social Media Followers]

Challenges, Solutions, and Vision

Addressing Technical and User Experience Challenges

Despite its innovative features, Endurance faces several challenges typical of blockchain platforms, such as scalability, network congestion, and user experience issues. To address these, the team continuously works on optimizing the platform’s infrastructure, implementing solutions like sharding and layer-2 scaling to enhance transaction speed and reduce costs.

User experience is another focal point for Endurance. The platform strives to make blockchain interactions seamless and user-friendly, minimizing the technical barriers that often deter mainstream users from engaging with blockchain technology. By simplifying the user interface and integrating familiar gaming elements, Endurance makes blockchain gaming accessible to a wider audience.

When compared to other gaming blockchains, Endurance stands out for its specialized approach tailored specifically to Fusionist’s needs. Unlike general-purpose blockchains, Endurance is optimized for gaming transactions, offering faster processing times and lower fees, which are crucial for real-time gaming experiences. Additionally, its strong focus on community governance and player participation sets it apart from platforms where decisions are often compromised between many competing interests and goals.

The Future and Long-Term Vision Endurance/Fusionist

The long-term vision for Endurance is to become a comprehensive ecosystem that not only supports Fusionist but also becomes a hub for various blockchain-based games and applications. The goal is to create a versatile and user-friendly platform that attracts developers and players from different genres, offering them a secure, efficient, and engaging environment to build and play. This vision is well within reach, primarily due to the Fusionist team’s proven track record of consistently delivering high-quality updates and features that resonate with their users. Their dedication to understanding and meeting the needs of the community has been instrumental in growing from a nascent project into one of the largest and most active communities in web3 gaming. This deep commitment to user satisfaction and continuous improvement positions them ideally to realize their ambitious goals for Endurance and the broader Fusionist ecosystem.


Endurance represents a significant leap forward in the convergence of blockchain technology and gaming. By providing a robust and adaptable infrastructure for Fusionist, it has set a new standard in how games can incorporate blockchain to enhance player experience and engagement. The economic model, community-driven approach, and technical innovations of Endurance have not only benefited Fusionist but also have the potential to influence the broader gaming industry.

The Future Outlook for Endurance

The future of Endurance is intrinsically linked to the evolving landscape of blockchain technology and gaming. As the platform continues to grow and adapt, it will undoubtedly face challenges, but its foundational principles of innovation, community engagement, and adaptability position it well to meet these challenges head-on.

On December 13th, Binance and OKX will launch their token offering program Launchpool and Jumpstart for ACE tokens, marking a significant milestone in Fusionist/Endurance’s journey. This event is not just a pivotal moment for Endurance but also ACE tokens, offering a glimpse into the growing interest and confidence in the ecosystem. The anticipation surrounding this offering reflects the community’s and investors’ enthusiasm for the future possibilities of Fusionist/Endurance, potentially setting a new benchmark in the blockchain gaming space.

[Binance Launchpool of ACE Token]
[OKX Jumpstart of ACE Token]

Final Thoughts

The Fusionist-Endurance ecosystem represents a promising example of the synergy between technology and creativity in the gaming domain. With its ongoing evolution, there is a genuine sense of anticipation around how it might contribute to new approaches in gaming, economic models, and community engagement. This evolving platform shows potential for significant impact in the realm of digital entertainment, suggesting interesting possibilities for the future of web3 gaming.


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