Avalanche Subnet: A Custom Chain Revolution for Gaming

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Dec 06, 2023

Avalanche Subnet: A Custom Chain Revolution for Gaming

Table of Contents

1. Blockchain: Transforming the Gaming Industry

2. Subnet 101: Your Custom Chain Guide

3. Subnet Utilization Strategy: Tooling and Collaborative Programs

4. Amazing Web3 Games Coming to Avalanche Subnets

5. Outlook for the Avalanche Gaming Ecosystem with Subnets



1. Blockchain: Transforming the Gaming Industry

Blockchain is introducing a new paradigm to the gaming industry, specifically by innovatively enhancing the rights and benefits of ecosystem contributors. The goal is to establish a transparent and trustworthy gaming ecosystem. As a result, blockchain games incorporate more sophisticated user participation, economic systems, and operational methods compared to traditional games.

characteristics of blockchain game

Enhancing Rights and Benefits for Ecosystem Contributors

  • Rewards: Blockchain games extend rewards to all contributors within the ecosystem, encompassing developers, content creators, and players. By providing incentives tied to participation and contributions, blockchain games actively stimulate the gaming ecosystem. 
  • Decision making: Token-based governance enables users to participate in the decision-making processes of the game. This democratic approach incorporates diverse perspectives not only from developers but also from various users, influencing the development and operation of the game.  

Establishing a Transparent and Trustworthy Gaming Ecosystem  

  • Blockchain games autonomously manage the supply and distribution of in-game assets through smart contracts, recorded on the blockchain and transparently shared with all users. This improves the transparency of in-game asset flows and transactions, leading to a more accurate valuation of goods. Moreover, users can validate their in-game activity records using publicly available on-chain data, thereby reducing fraudulent activities within the game, and cultivating a fair gaming environment.


2. Subnet 101: Your Custom Chain Guide

While blockchain games bring innovation, they also face technical challenges such as network reliability issues, transaction delays, and scalability concerns. For example, transaction delays due to network overload can negatively impact in-game interactions. Additionally, the high cost of transactions resulting from network scalability limits or the complexity of creating a blockchain tailored to the game's characteristics can present obstacles.

avalanche network architecture

To address these challenges, Avalanche introduces an effective solution called Subnets. Subnets are independent and self-governing networks that enable each project to build a customized chain based on its specific requirements. Blockchain game developers can choose between Avalanche's main chain (C-Chain) and one of its subnets to deploy smart contracts. This decision depends on the desired features and scenarios they intend to develop, providing flexibility and customization.

avalanche c chain avalanche subnet

When game development demands a flexible, tailored environment and prioritizes stability and security, leveraging subnets becomes the ideal choice.

Subnets function as independent chains, enabling developers to establish game-specific logic and create an autonomous operational environment. For instance, customizable features such as gas payment systems and EVMs can be tailored to the game's unique requirements. This adaptability empowers game developers to efficiently integrate the features essential for their games, leading to cost and resource reductions.

Moreover, subnets enhance scalability and service quality with their distinct transaction processing capabilities. By operating without reliance on the main chain for transaction finality, game services remain unaffected by transactions from other projects, ensuring a consistently stable user experience. Additionally, access control and privacy features can be configured to guarantee robust security and the integrity of user data.

In cases where there is uncertainty about subnet adoption but a need to economize resources and costs, a strategic approach could involve commencing development on Avalanche's main network, C-Chain. Later, if required, assets can be flexibly migrated to subnets.


3. Subnet Utilization Strategy: Tooling and Collaborative Programs

While the Avalanche Subnet inherently offers significant technical convenience, it also extends additional advantages to game developers through a diverse array of tooling and support programs. This approach simplifies the process for game developers to harness the capabilities of the Avalanche Subnet in creating and managing creative and groundbreaking games.