[Special Report] CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency): On the verge of a global paradigm shift

May 27, 2020

Xangle Research report on central bank digital currencies has finally been released:  

<CBDC, on the verge of a global paradigm shift> 

This is our second in the ‘Digitization of Assets’ series. Click here for the first report on Stablecoins, and stay tuned for the next report!

  • COVID-19 as a catalyst to CBDC discussions: Contactless payments, criticisms about the current infrastructure
  • Increased industry chatter including BIS (Bank for International Settlements), UN, Vitalik Buterin (Co-founder of Ethereum)
  • About CBDC: Rationale, Issuance type, Characteristics and more
  • Current phase of discussions (notable countries)
  • Updates on Libra 2.0
  • ...and more!


Click here for full report (Digitaliazion of Assets: CBDC)


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