[NFT Weekly] Doodles 2 Debuting on Flow, Porsche 911’s Dramatic Upturn, Mablex Membership NFT and More!

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Jan 31, 2023
Translated by elcreto

Top NFT Floor Price

Market News

Doodles 2 Comes to FlowLink

  • Doodles will debut its new NFT collection, Doodles2, on Flow, instead of Ethereum.
  • Flow blockchain’s zero gas fee was the reason for Doodles’ decision. Being a customizable collection allowing holders to change and personalize hairstyle, wearables, and accessories, using it on Ethereum can incur hefty gas fees.

Marblex Releases Membership NFT MARBLERSHIP - Link

  • Marblex’s first collection will be MARBLERSHIP Rainbow Collection comprising 5,600 NFTs.
  • With MBXs included in the NFTs, the holders will be able to stake NFTs and mine MBXs. A higher MARBLERSHIP level will allow for more MBX mining opportunities.

Loss from Azuki Twitter Account Hack Snowballed Into $750K in Half an Hour - Link

  • Hackers tweeted a malicious link using Azuki's official Twitter account and drained more than $750K in 30 minutes.

Most Hyped

Porsche 911

  • FP: 2.45ETH (vs Mint Price: 0.911 ETH) - Link to
  • Porsche 911 is an NFT collection released by one of the world’s most celebrated car makers, Porsche.
  • The sale was so lackluster that only 2,357 out of a total of 7,500 NFTs were minted.
  • Initially, the price was brought down below the mint price at one point amid lukewarm demand, but has managed to stage a surge soon after the German automaker burned all the remaining unsold NFTs and announced the token’s utility
Digital & Physical Porsche 911 Art Car NFT Sale | Hypebeast
Source: Hypebeast

ikehaya Pass

  • FP: 0.32ETH (vs Mint Price: Free mint) - Link to
  • A free mint genesis pass issued by ICL, one of the largest NFT investment communities in Japan.
  • Roadmap and utility have yet to be specified.
ikehaya Pass Genesis - ikehaya Pass | OpenSea

On-chain Analysis

Total Trades: WoW Changes

  • Total volume of NFTs traded: -15.6% WoW
  • Total value of NFTs traded: -3.3% WoW

Top 10 Projects (By 7D Trading Volume)

7D Trading Volume by Sector (Based on Ethereum)

  • The most traded NFTs by 7-day trading volume were PFPs (45.7%), utility (17.7%), and collectibles (11.7%).

NFT Trading Volume by Blockchain

  • Ethereum’s market share by 7-day trading volume climbed to 80.6% from previous week’s 75.2%.



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