“Unagi,” una Wallet launched

Dec 21, 2023 04:50

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Dec 21, 2023 04:50 (D+153)

Dec 20, 2023


Unagi (Unbound Networking & Accelerating Growth Initiative), a user-tailored omnichain network built by Wemade, the operator of Wemix ($WEMIX), launched its first product, “Una Wallet,” after its new launch in September. Announced that it has been released.

Una Wallet is unagi's official wallet service that supports management and transactions of various digital assets without boundaries between networks. You can conveniently view and manage assets from multiple chains in one wallet, and supports safer and faster authentication. The main features of Una Wallet are 1) support chain-based digital asset (WEMIX, WEMIX$, etc.) sending and receiving tokens, 2) providing social login, 3) MPC-based private key management, 4) optimal security using Una Swap. Route provision, 5) easy wallet recovery function, 6) dApp connection through QR code, etc.

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