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Nov 01, 2023 05:00

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Oct 31, 2023


Wemade, the operator of Wemix ($WEMIX), announced a partnership with Finger Labs, a subsidiary of FSN, a KOSDAQ listed company.

Through this partnership, Wemade applies 'FAVORLET', an on-off-chain customer management solution developed by Finger Labs, to NILE (NFT Is Life Evolution), a DAO & NFT platform based on WEMIX3.0. He said he plans to do so. Based on this, the two companies explained that they plan to provide Nile's blockchain content, such as DApp, marketplace, and NFT projects, so that it can be usefully used not only on-chain but also in real life.

The two companies added that they plan to launch new NFT projects on Nile in the future.

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