Entered into a Partnership with Chainlink

Oct 03, 2023 19:00

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Oct 03, 2023 19:00 (D+231)

Oct 03, 2023


Wemade, the operator of Wemix ($WEMIX), has entered into a partnership with the decentralized oracle network Chainlink ($LINK) to provide exclusive interoperability for Wemade's custom omnichain network unagi. Announced that it has selected Chainlink's Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) as its engine.

Through this partnership, Wemade selected CCIP as the interoperability solution for its Omnichain initiative, Unagi, to build an interoperable Web 3.0 game ecosystem, and Chainlink as COURT (Certified Organizations), a joint research and development consortium for the Omnichain ecosystem. for Unagi Round Table).

COURT, an omnichain initiative, is continuing various research to utilize CCIP to overcome the limitations of existing cross-chains and facilitate the development of next-generation Web 3.0 games. In addition, we aim to redefine the concept of user-centered experience through the launch of 'Una Wallet' and 'Una Scan', which are scheduled to be launched in the future. As the Unagi initiative continues, Chainlink Labs, COURT's first official member, added that it plans to continue collaborating with Wemade.

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